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Types of medical necklaces

A medical necklace known as a neck splint is a medical device that supports the neck . A medical necklace is a medical device that prevents the movement of neck vertebrae and reduces pain. For this reason, you should choose the best and standard medical necklace for your treatment period.

Orthopedic products

Types of thermoform arm braces

The medical belt is made using polymeric materials and advanced technology, as well as breathable coatings to treat lumbar injuries, post operative orthoses, lumbar discs, and fractures.

Types of Medical wristband

Due to traditional orthopedic plasters problems , including heaviness, and the lack of washability, hand braces using thermoform polymers and adaptive pulleys are the best alternatives for mild fractures.

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Medical belt of the spine-CustomAvailableCall
Medical belt (lumbar orthosis)-CustomAvailableCall
Medical wristband-CustomAvailableCall
Wrist brace-CustomAvailableCall
Hand brace-CustomAvailableCall
thumb Brace -CustomAvailableCall
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